Sondaschule, Turbobier, Ignite, Bluthund, The Cloverhearts, Stunde Null, Dead Like Juliet, Expulze & Narfos, Cemetery Drive, Noreán, Timbreroots, Kunstgarten, Last Chance, The Modern Flowers, Chaos Junkies, Heating Cellar, Pixon, Zwoa A Holb Lederhosn


Sepultura, Royal Republic, The Rumjacks, Tim Vantol & Band, Planet Of Zeus, Dust Bolt, Valient Thorr, James Leg, Shanti Powa, The Killbilly´s, Homies 4 Life Sound Inc. (final show), Killjoy (unica data mondiale), Junk Love, Peter Burchia, Nina Duschek, James Bach, Fernandhell. And The Gatten Army, Zwoa A Holb Lederhosn, Glump & Plunder

2020 + 2021

Cancelled due Covid-19


Enter Shikari, Electric Callboy, LaBrassBanda, Royal Republic, Destrage, Stunde Null, Anger, Deadsmoke, Ontborg, Lost Zone, June Niesein & Fortune Cookie, Bizarro Welt, Meddycrayed, Partu, Beyond Hills, Gitarmonika Trio, Last Chance, Rocket Monkeys, William T & The Black 50`S, Flying Dutchman Orkestra


"25 Years "

Mando Diao, In Extremo, Fiddler`s Green, Russkaja, Turbobier, Mandowar, Mainfelt, Dead Like Juliet, Cemetery Drive, Homies 4 Life Sound Inc., Midriff, Vino Rosso, Wicked and Bonny, Ferbegy?, Lost Zone, The Aviary, Space Cadets


Jennifer Rostock, Callejon, Nashville Pussy, Rogers, The Restless, Sam Alone & The Gravediggers, Diego Deadman Potron, Stunde Null, MG66, Black Star, Point Nemo, Silent Moriah, Kings Will Fall, Acclivitas, Soul Radiation, Lads, Philipp Trojer, She&Me, Tasser&Niggl


The Hives, Flogging Molly, Donots, Itchy Poopzkid, Evil Jared, Dancefloor Cleaning System, Mainfelt, All Faces Down, Lemon Duke, Feline Melinda, The National Orchestra Of The United Kingdom Of Goats, Dead Like Juliet, Homies4Life, Shanti Powa, Average, Cemetery Drive, Bizarro Welt, Atop The Hill, Perin & Barbarossa


In Flames, Refused, Kraftklub, Terror, Honningbarna, God Damn, Kontrust, Marathonmann, Graveworm, 4twenty, Skanners, Browny Chocolate Explosion, Boots & Jackets, Marianne's Legacy, Tante Frieda, Myztik Lion and the Juggernaut Nation, Stunde Null, Bullet-Proof, Fall Of A Rising Sun, Last Lookout, Tasser & Niggl


Dropkick Murphys, Airbourne, Skindred, Madball, Arthemis, Planet of Zeus, The Brains, The Moorings, Kaiser Franz Josef, Andead, Hellspet, Sisyphos, Homies4life, Junk Love, Bizarro Welt, Chiefs of trouble, The Koalas, Leftover, Frozen Rain, Helden der Zeit, 5 Full Power, Tasser & Niggl


"20 Years"

Volbeat , Heaven Shall Burn, Suicidal Tendencies, Unearth, Valient Thorr, The Mahones, Dreamshade, Dirty Bastards, Insanity Alert, The National Orchestra of the United Kingdom Of Goats, Bob and the Apple, The Artificial Harbor, Slowtorch, Burning the Ocean, Reach Us Endorphine, Cemetery Drive, The Bad Bastards, Thunderkids, High Voltage Overdrive, Shanti Powa Orchestra, Chiefs of trouble, Gawither, Forgotten Dicks, Tasser & Niggl, Lost Socks


The Subways, Pennywise, Hardcore Superstar, Peter Pan Speedrock, The Rock’nRoll Kamikazes, Awaken Demons, Los Explosivos, Nitrogods, TOS, Midriff, Rebel Roots, The Brokendolls, London Elephants, The little white bunny, Vino Rosso, Noluntas, Sin Deadly Sin, Homies 4 life, Average, Dead like Juliet, Dschezzi, Angush Force, Illyrica, Suncold, The black toilet rulez, Tasser & Niggl 


Beatsteaks, Lordi, Caliban, Terror, Total Chaos, Mambo Kurt, Rosetta, The Fire, City of Ships, The Moorings, Cemetery Drive, Confettura, Devotion, Ferbegy?, Kind of Camilla, Peggy Germs, Phantom, Stylish Kids In The Riot, Tasser & Niggl, The Artificial Harbor, The Byron Saga, The Living Targets, The Lubers, The National Orchestra of the United Kingdom of Goats, The Origin of Redemption, Thunderkids


Juliette Lewis, Danko Jones, Gallows, Valient Thorr, Evergreen Terrace, The Mojomatics, The Integrals, Me&Mark, Mainline, Die Drogen, Mr. Flash, 3 Murphys, Homies 4 Life, Hungerstrike, Indyus, Intoxication, Killjoy, Lookybutnottouchy, Max von Milland, NurseNurseNurse, Prehate, Radio Riot Right Now, Reach us Endorphine, Right to Silence, Schuster & Schneider, Slowtorch, The Bob Marley Tribute Show, The Santa Claus Revival, Die Rabauken, Burning The Ocean, Desperate Cowboys, Fango


Soulfly, Black Stone Cherry, Disco Ensemble, Kamikaze Queens, Slowmotion Apocalypse, To Kill, Small Jackets, Alight, A New Silent Corporation, Average, Day Shine Rising, Dead Return, Dread, Julius Bana, Monroes`s ex, My Boy is out of town, Noisy Royal Dirt, Nora 13, Scrat till Death, Silent Mirror, Sisyphos, Sunshine Trippers, The Boots, WC


Agnostic Front, Comeback Kid, Shai Hulud, Crime in Stereo, Devil in Me, Guadalajara, She Male Trouble, Amia Venera Landscape, Souls in Panic, Eternity Ends, Jimini Cricket, Voices of Decay, The Little White Bunny, TheOhMyGods, Chaos Disorder, If tomorrow ever comes, Daltons, Silent Mirror, Bierbillys, SPU, John's Revolution, The Santa Claus Revival, Reach us Endorphine, Davies Bedroom, Homies 4 Life, Right to Silence, Just like Random, DJ Cocoon


Walls of Jericho, Marky Ramone and friends, The Queers, Graveworm, Elvis Jackson, Henchman, Final Prayer, The Witch, Mindtransmission, Lemurcatta, Dead Return, Gleeman Members, Don`t eat the yellow snow, Coma


Fettes Brot, The (Int.) Noise Conspiracy, Dog Eat Dog, Finkenauer, Velojet, After One Summer, Zeugshmitz, Dread, N.I.P., Morrisons Doghouse, The Psychos, Nora 13


Sportfreunde Stiller, MIA., Julia, Megaherz, Campus, Fidget, Loud, Livepräsenz, Killjoy, Sense of Akasha, Panamericana


The More I see, Addiction Crew, Core, Reimzig, Treetone, Shanty Town, Godmachine, Up&Down


Prime Sth, Lullacry, Black Milk, Folder, Eugènie, Toymachine, Again.st, Impius


Emil Bulls, Hosh, Teutrine, Exit, High Speed Moses, Careworn, Down to


Uncle ho, Keilerkopf, funky monks, karteria, mescalito, moovida, punto.exe


5 kleine Jägermeister, Custodie Cautelari, Jailbirds, Treibsand, Waste, Raja, Gelb


Exilia, Pasol, The Revel, Squealer, Nevermind, Bandcontest "Rock it out"


Long Horns, Tiefe Narben, Anubis, Le città di Ip, Bandcontest "Rock it out"


Chainless, Kellogs Family, Painted smile, Megapearls, Bulldog, Graffiti


Temple Caravan, Daltons, Break Time, Kellogs Family, WC, Beagles, Cherry Moon


Public, Bulldog, Up & Down, Chloro & filla


Up & Down, Pan tinity, Bulldog, Pegasos+, Sitting bull